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27 March, 2015 Rolex watches stolen during armed heist at Paramus jewelry store PARAMUS — An armed gunman stole more than $35,000 in merchandise from a jewelry store in the Bergen Town Center on Thursday afternoon before leading police on a chase down Route 4 and later escaping near the George Washington Bridge, ...

27 March, 2015

Press-Enterprise RIALTO: Bust leads to arrests, stolen guns, jewelry Press-Enterprise Three people were arrested and two stolen handguns, stolen jewelry and drug paraphernalia was confiscated in a raid in San Bernardino County, police said. The suspects were identified as George Godinez of Rialto, Raymond Villa of Riverside and a ... and more

27 March, 2015

WFLA Pasco woman says replacement for stolen ring from Kay jewelers isn't enough WFLA She says she was told the ring was stolen, along with 10 other pieces of jewelry on their way to Tampa to be repaired at a corporate store. "They said the UPS box made it to Tampa but it was empty," she said. Friday is heartbroken but even more upset ...