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17 March, 2018

WTAJ Antique Appraisal Fair to be held in DuBois WTAJ DuBois, Clearfield County, Pa. - If you have any antique items collecting dust, now's your chance to find out their worth. Saturday, the DuBois Downtown Revitalization group will be holding their first ever antique appraisal fair. The South Side ...

17 March, 2018 Masked men hold up City Heights jewelry store SAN DIEGO — Two masked men burst into a City Heights jewelry store, jumped over the counter and threatened employees with hand guns before fleeing the scene on Friday, police confirmed. A hold-up alarm from inside Eclipse Jewelry on University Ave ... Caught on Camera: Masked Men Rob City Heights Jewelry Store at GunpointNBC 7 San Diego Gun-Toting Thieves Rob City Heights Jewelry StoreTimes of San Diego City Heights jewelry store robbed at gunpoint10News all 4 news articles

17 March, 2018

Discover Magazine 20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Diamonds Discover Magazine In nature, diamond is typically created under extremes of pressure and temperature, deep in Earth's mantle — about 90 miles or more beneath our planet's surface. 4. Except for space diamonds, of course. In 2017, researchers re-created, for the first ...