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23 September, 2014

Allure Magazine (blog) Hollywood Jeweler Neil Lane Has Worked With Every Single Famous Person Allure Magazine (blog) neil-lane-jennifer-hudson-engagement-ring.jpg Jeweler Neil Lane got his start at a small counter in a Hollywood store and went on to become the go-to man for bling in Tinseltown: He has created spectacular diamond engagement rings for Jennifer Hudson ...

23 September, 2014

Pearls of Wisdom (subscription) "Journalists used to find hypocrisy in the powerful and point it out. Today, journalists have identified the powerful and they want to be included. They want to be buds. They want to be on the same team." "The motivation for Obama's speeches on ISIS is ... and more

23 September, 2014

PGI and Nina Garcia Promote Enduring Qualities of Platinum Jewelry Rapaport A lover of platinum, Garcia curated a gallery of platinum jewelry that lived on TheKnot in 2013 and has chosen fresh new platinum pieces this year. The gallery showcases beautiful and relevant design in bridal and fashion jewelry. Garcia will also use ...