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30 September, 2014

From Diamonds to Supercomputers Scientific Computing Gustavo López Velázquez, researcher at the University of Guadalajara (UDG), proposes to construct a new quantum computer, able to perform multiple operations in a few seconds, which is based on the diamond structure to process information similarly to ... and more

30 September, 2014

Heavy rains expected to cause more flooding in Volusia County, central Florida WFTV Orlando Flood watches remain in effect Monday and will continue through Tuesday, according to Severe Weather Center 9 meteorologists Tom Terry and George Waldenberger. "Flood advisories have been popping up all afternoon," said Tom. "The ground is ... and more

30 September, 2014

Hot New Jewelry Trends, From Bobbie Thomas (VIDEO) Huffington Post What are the latest trends in jewelry? Beauty and style expert Bobbie Thomas says that although we've seen big artsy statement pieces on the runway, jewelry choices should reflect your personal features. If you have slender wrists, wearing a cuff ... and more