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18 October, 2017

New York Post From feathered dials to painted faces, these watches are works of art New York Post Long before technical advancements transformed watches into precise timekeeping instruments, they were lavishly decorated mechanical trophies that conveyed the wealth and status of their aristocratic owners. What they lacked in accuracy early pocket ...

18 October, 2017

New York Post Go back in time with these updated classic watches New York Post As millennials drive up prices in the burgeoning vintage watch market, designers are capitalizing on the nostalgia craze with new timepieces that take aesthetic cues from the archives. This year's launches include a number of retro revivals that ...

18 October, 2017

New York Post 007-worthy diving watches are making a splash New York Post All watch design is a matter of working within constraints, but counterintuitively, stricter limits often lead to impressive creations. In 1948, for example, the exacting standards of the British Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force resulted in ...