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Jewelry News
06 May, 2016

Police: Woman stole $650K worth of jewelry from employer WDAM-TV Pass Christian Police Chief Tim Hendricks said the woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and fishing equipment from her employer actually stole much more than was first reported. Monday, we told you Ashley Renea Gibson, ... and more

06 May, 2016

The Weather Network Diamonds in the sky: Seven fantastic planets The Weather Network Diamonds in the sky: Seven fantastic planets. An artist's conception of planet Kepler-22b, which orbits within its star's "habitable zone," where stable liquid water, the key ingredient of life as we know it, can exist. It's one of almost a thousand ... and more

06 May, 2016

Fancy blue diamond demand up 4.8pc from year-ago period Luxury Daily The price of blue diamonds increase by 1.7 percent in the first quarter of 2016, according to a new report by the Fancy Color Research Foundation. While blue diamonds saw positive growth, yellow fancy diamond pricing declined by 1.8 percent, driven by ...