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Jewelry News
01 July, 2016 Our New Favorite Jewelry Designer Hails From Berlin For the past few years, “minimalist” jewelry has been having a moment. The powers that be decided statement necklaces were out, and tiny studs, layered chains, and barely there rings were in. Women who craved something in between had limited options; ... and more

01 July, 2016 Mystery Behind Century-Old Jewelry Portrait in Montoursville MONTOURSVILLE — A jeweler in Lycoming County needs your help to identify a portrait on a century-old heirloom. The owner of Smith's Jewelers has a piece of jewelry with a hand-painted portrait inside that dates back to the late 1800s. Because it's so ...

01 July, 2016 Exclusive: Chanel Puts the Oui in Wheat in Its New High Jewelry Collection Gabrielle Chanel was a woman of many passions and just as many good-luck charms (and, by all appearances, they worked out pretty well for her). The designer was particularly fond of sheaves of wheat—not only because they're a universal symbol for ...