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31 March, 2015

Hartford Courant Antique dealers swarm to Ellis Tech fair Hartford Courant Those students turn the school into a veritable antique marketplace for the day. Carpentry students put together booths for vendors to showcase their wares. Electrical shop students make sure all of the booths are wired and safe. Other students ...

31 March, 2015 Jeweler, Orori, Set to Do Battle for Market Share with 3D Printing Orori Jewelry Orori was once a group of brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, but back in 2012 the firm closed those shops and made the move to an ecommerce business model. Now the online version of Orori has expanded with a host of 3D printing options for ...

31 March, 2015

Bustle Marina Diamandis (aka Marina And The Diamonds) Talks Boots UK, Gender ... Bustle There are some celebrities that I'm really convinced I would be best friends with if only they got to know me. Marina Diamandis, of Marina and the Diamonds fame, is one of them. She's insanely talented, of course, and able to pull off outrageously ...