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Forbes Smart Earrings, Unloseable Sunglasses and Safety Jewelry - 3 Wearables To ... Forbes There are two pretty simple rules for wearable tech to be successful in my mind, 1) does it look good, and 2) does it do something the intended user actually cares about. For quite some time, the majority of solutions out there frequently fell down on ... and more

The FADER Three Designers Redefining Minimalist Jewelry The FADER For Francesca Grosso, founder of the New York-based jewelry line Sorelle, designing earrings is all about coming full circle. Grosso's mother dressed her up in little gold hoops when she was growing up in southern Florida, and her father sold handmade ...

Turn back time with steampunk jewelry San Antonio Express-News Where most of us just see cogs and gears and other clockwork innards, Jen Adams sees the stuff of ornate earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. All she needs to realize those visions are her trusty jewelry pliers, wire cutters and E6000 adhesive — and ... and more

Phipps Jewelry goes fashionably green Palm Beach Daily News Gavin and Lisa Phipps have introduced Chic Verte, a line of eco-friendly and wearable accessories that includes antler earrings, acorn belt buckles, lacebark cuffs and oyster shell bracelets, complementing their Phipps Jewelry Co. collection of multi ...

Boston Globe David Ortiz says jeweler sold him imitation diamonds Boston Globe The man known as Big Papi thought he had bought a Breitling watch with diamonds and white and yellow gold, a diamond bracelet, and a set of black diamond earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, according to a civil suit filed in Middlesex Superior Court ...


























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23 November, 2014

Cooper's Jewelry of Easton closing in January Wicked Local Norton There have been come major changes in the jewelry business in the past 30 years, first and foremost the development of online shopping for most anything a person could want. “We've been serving people who are now our age. You're seeing less and less ... and more

23 November, 2014

Forbes After Digital Watches, How Long Until The Wearable Twitter? Forbes Digital watches are so 1976, who would want a single function device? That's what the new generation of so-called 'millennials' are supposed to think about the devices that us 40-somethings (and older) once marveled at back in the day. Actually, even ...

23 November, 2014

Burglars ransack Florham Park home, steal jewelry, laptops, television FLORHAM PARK – Police say they are searching for a burglar who broke into a Florham Park home on Friday, ransacked several rooms and made off with expensive jewelry, laptops and a 50-inch plasma television. Officers were dispatched around 6:30 p.m. ... Florham Park police investigating burglaryDaily Record all 3 news articles