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Gay community watches Mich. for legal landscape changes USA TODAY DETROIT — If you're overweight or old, pregnant or African American, your boss can't fire you for any of those reasons. The law says so. But if you're a gay man or lesbian, there's no such protection — one of several legal issues that weigh heavily ... and more

Harry Reid's Granddaughter Makes Jewelry And His Campaign Paid Money For It BuzzFeed Last year, the Senate majority leader's campaign purchased nearly $17,000 in “holiday gifts” for supporters and staffers from his granddaughter's jewelry business. The FEC has inquired about the expenditure. It's unclear when her business' website was ...

Business: Flagstaff resident makes jewelry for the stars Arizona Daily Sun Flagstaff resident Charlotte Reichman will be one of many people watching the MTV Awards this April, but she's not looking at the winners — she's looking at their jewelry. Jewelry from Reichman's Norbu Designs will be one of the featured gifts in this ...

E! Online Mariah Carey Just Got A Whole Lot Of Birthday Diamonds From Nick Cannon Huffington Post Cannon must know his now 44–year–old wife pretty well (or at least how to use Google) since Carey loves butterflies enough to have named her sixth studio album after them. Either way, we're just impressed by how many diamonds the couple managed to ... Mariah Carey Gets Diamonds From Nick Cannon for Her Birthday—Or As She ...E! Online Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey News: Host Gifts 'Soul Mate' With Diamonds After ...Enstarz Mariah Carey Drips In Diamonds For Her 44th Birthday CelebrationRumorFix Global Grind -Daily Times -Life & Style Weekly all 132 news articles

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17 April, 2014

Lessons that Last: 200 Pearls and Counting PLoS Blogs (blog) PLOS Pathogens Pearls Editor Joseph Heitman reflects on the success of Pearls, an Open Access compendium of the “lessons that last”, and also introduces the new collection on Flipboard. “In the face of this inevitable ebb and flow of focus and ...

17 April, 2014

Top Ranked Precious Metals Funds Investors often seek solace in precious metals instruments during a downturn. These investments are considered to be a natural hedge against a rapidly declining currency. Even a small portion of precious metals in a portfolio can provide significant ...

17 April, 2014

A Bunch Of Finance Guys Are Whining About Buying Their Fiancées Diamond ... Business Insider I agree that the rarity of diamonds is misconceived; the big diamond companies control the supply that arrives at market, creating artificial scarcity. The reason why they're so expensive is mainly because these companies stockpile a bunch of diamonds ... and more