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Jewelry News
30 January, 2015

The News-Press Antique, classic boat show flows into Fort Myers The News-Press It is one of the 48 classic and antique boats confirmed for the first Antique and Classic Boat Show on Saturday and Sunday, including wooden and fiberglass boats, said Kent Caldwell, a show organizer and member of the Sunnyland Chapter of the Antique ...

30 January, 2015

Boing Boing An encyclopedia of how keys, scissors, pianos, telescopes, self-winding ... Boing Boing The New Way Things Work, published in 1998, was an updated version of the original 1988 The Way Things Work edition. Although technically not “new” anymore, this wonderfully illustrated encyclopedia of how things work is as captivating now as it was ...

30 January, 2015

Why is Turkey censoring lingerie and antique books? Al-Monitor When did Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has been praised by international media for its democratic reforms during its first few years in power, start to turn into what it is today — a ruthless political machine that cracks ...