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23 May, 2015

The Consumerist Watch Company Collects $1 Million On Kickstarter, Spends It All, Then Hides The Consumerist Their watch, the CST-01, looks like a slap bracelet with an e-ink display. It's not a smartwatch, but it's really cool-looking. The two cofounders asked Kickstarter for $200,000, and the backers contributed more than $1 million to make the watches happen.

23 May, 2015

Pearls of Wisdom "Remember the veterans this weekend, folks. Remember what they have given. Remember their sacrifice. Whatever else you do, remember the vets this weekend." "It just won't stop. I mean, look at this. This is the Hillary Stack. It just never stops. It's ... and more

23 May, 2015

Watches cause a hiccup for Evine Live's turnaround Minneapolis Star Tribune Evine Live can trace a disappointing first quarter revenue report mostly to one item: watches. The Eden Prairie-based company is undergoing many changes, including diversifying the product shows on its home shopping channel. As a result, Evine had ...