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Jewelry News
05 August, 2015

New York Magazine Jewelry Experts Settle Controversial Earring-Back Debate New York Magazine A historic debate over earring backs is currently brewing on the internet, dividing women into warring factions and threatening to undo all of Taylor Swift's hard work to make girls be nicer to each other. At the center of the debate is the simple ... and more

05 August, 2015

International Business Times 'X-Men: Apocalypse': Storm Watches Over Cairo In Bryan Singer's Picture International Business Times The scene will reportedly show Storm in Egypt as Singer captioned the photo, “#Storm watches over #1983 #Cairo via the magic of real time #simulcam @alexandrashipppp. Storm will be one of the horsemen of the main villain Apocalypse, who has his ... Storm Watches Over Cairo in a New Photo from the X-Men Bryan Singer teases Storm watching a storm on the X-Men: Apocalypse setEntertainment Weekly (blog) X-Men: Apocalypse - Storm Watches Over CairoBam! Smack! Pow! all 21 news articles

05 August, 2015

Pamela Love brings southwestern jewelry to LoHi's Goldyn for Trunk Show The Denver Post (blog) On the lookout for a new, American Southwestern-style statement piece to add to your jewelry collection? Or – have you been looking for an excuse shop at Goldyn, LoHi's high-end designer boutique with one of the most powerful and rare jewelry ...