Jewelry News
27 August, 2016

Yahoo TV (blog) Tim Kaine Watches On As Stephen Colbert Easily Fools New Yorkers With Kaine Impersonator Yahoo TV (blog) “More or less, I guess,” one passerby said when asked if she thought the imposter looked like Kaine. “I was expecting a white guy and I'm not disappointed.” When he met a young woman excited to meet Hillary Clinton's running mate, fake Tim Kaine gave ... and more

27 August, 2016

Police Blotter: Jewelry and safe stolen from home, loss estimated at $110000 The Mercury News BELMONT. 470 Ralston Ave., 4:40 a.m. Wednesday A gunman whose demand for cash was met by the husband and wife owners of an AM-PM mini-market got spooked and left without his haul when the alarm sounded. SARATOGA. 19000 block of Ventura ...

27 August, 2016

Racked New Mexico's Hidden Jewelry Secret Is a Workshop at Ghost Ranch Racked Almost nothing gets a reaction quite like the one you get when you tell people you made the jewelry you're wearing — especially when you have no prior experience as a designer. The surprising shortcut for becoming an amatuer jeweler is one week in ...