Jewelry News
06 July, 2015 Jewelry maker's wares coming on display Claire Hasemeier, of Elsberry, Mo., will exhibit her colorful, organic jewelry as the guest artist for July at the Alliance Art Gallery. Hasemeier, a member of Best of Missouri Hands, is widely recognized for her use of micro-macramé and cavandoli ...

06 July, 2015 Alex McKinnon watches for first time replay of tackle that paralysed him McKinnon says angrily, as he watches Smith continue to ask the referee whether or not the tackle is worthy of a penalty, while he is lying helpless on the ground for several minutes, before eventually being stretchered off the field. "Is he still debating? and more

06 July, 2015

Business Insider This $105 watch knocked everything else off my wrist Business Insider I have a small collection of watches and I like to switch up my timepiece on a near daily basis. But every once in a while, I enjoy wearing a watch so much that it becomes a go-to choice. I was recently introduced to Aulta and their sporty watches ... and more