Jewelry News
05 October, 2015

Antique cars kick off Parking Lot Party at Vets Home KBOI-TV Antique cars, homemade chili, live entertainment and war stories filled the parking lot at the Idaho State Veterans Home on Saturday. The annual Parking Lot Party raises money for activities that residents in the veterans home participate in throughout ...

05 October, 2015

Robb Report Christie's Will Auction Four Moon Watches, Each Depicting a Lunar Phase Robb Report Working with designers Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino, he studied the space agency's 3-D lunar photographs to help create Shanghai Moons, a set of four watches that is among the highlights at Chinese and Asian Contemporary Design—a ...

05 October, 2015

AZFamily PD: Suspect with drawn-on facial hair steals jewelry from pawn shop AZFamily The suspect reportedly took jewelry and then fled the store on a black 20-inch BMX bicycle. Employees said it looked like the suspect used a marker to draw eyebrows, a goatee and a mustache on his or her face. The suspect is described as a white female ... and more