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20 October, 2018 Feast Your Eyes on the Next Design Must-Have: Antique Marble Apples, Bananas, and Grapes Galore For centuries, the quarries beyond the walled Tuscan village of Volterra have been mined for alabaster, a fined-grained, translucent rock that responds well to a chisel and hammer. It's sought after to produce a dazzling array of statuettes and ...

20 October, 2018

Barn full of antique cars collapse The Courier-Express ... trip through Pennsylvania in August. However, no one could confirm if the renowned television duo of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz had visited the Brookville area. They visited Clearfield County in 2015 and bought an antique VW Beetle from a Mahaffey man.

20 October, 2018

Can Apple Watches Accidentally Record Murders? Saudi Arabia. KFGO News Khashoggi turned on the recording function of his Apple Watch before walking into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, according to Sabah newspaper. The moments of his “interrogation, torture and killing were audio recorded and sent to both ...