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Look Out For...the Jewelry Book Wall Street Journal Maison Goossens : Haute Couture Jewelry” by Patrick Mauriès traces the development of the Goossens workshop from the early years and the coming of age of costume jewelry to the present day, under the ownership of Chanel and its Paraffection umbrella.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Beats Antique Creature Carnival at 1st Bank Center this ... 303 Magazine Halloween is over, but don't put that costume away just yet. Beats Antique is coming to the 1st Bank Center this Thursday November 6 with the Creature Carnival Tour, which incorporates extreme audience participation and beckons local performers and ...

Jewelry Cleaning Tips KTRE When it comes to our jewelry, we forget that gold is a soft metal and that's why we are able to mold it into so many shapes and designs. We think that because it's a metal and diamonds are hard stones that the jewelry can take the abuse that we subject ...

CNN Paris police foil Cartier jewelry heist 12NewsNow.Com PARIS (CNN) -- A jewelry heist on one the world's most prestigious jewelry stores has been foiled, and both would-be thieves are in police custody after an attempted escape amidst a flurry of security forces, according to police, eyewitnesses and ... Gunmen shake Paris with jewelry heist, hostage-taking, crosstown police chaseMinneapolis Star Tribune 2 suspected robbers of Cartier jewelry have reportedly barricaded themselves all 11 news articles

Csarite Inspires Jewelry Designers Rapaport Press Release: A diverse group of luxury jewelry designers from around the globe are creating a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that center on the beautiful gemstone CSARITE®, according to Milenyum Mining Limited. Initiated by Erica ... and more

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28 November, 2014

MarketWatch Starbucks goes into the precious metals business MarketWatch Forget the seasonal coffee drinks. Or the gift-worthy brewers. Starbucks' newest item for the holidays is something seemingly mundane as a gift card. Well, make that a solid silver gift card. The coffeehouse giant SBUX, -0.64% has unveiled the $200 ... and more

28 November, 2014

KOCO: Police say woman searching for diamonds arrested after needles poke ... A woman was arrested by Oklahoma City police Sunday after an incident involving needles and a search for diamonds, KOCO reports. Police say they received word that the woman was looking for diamonds on the side of the road near Northwest ...

28 November, 2014

Watch These Wealthy Brits Get Down and Dirty With Priceless Prewar Antique ... CarBuzz The only other time you would have seen anything like this would have been in black and white. Even in the world of vintage car racing, this is a hell of thing. What you are looking at is the Vintage Sports Car Club, an organization in the UK which ...