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25 October, 2016

Houstonia Magazine A Houston Jewelry-Buying Guide Houstonia Magazine Let's just admit it: We all have a little magpie in us, a base instinct to grab anything that sparkles and adorn ourselves—or someone else—with it. But finding the perfect piece of jewelry is no easy thing. How do we know we're getting our money's worth?

25 October, 2016 Deer crashes jewelry party, destroys Hermitage home Linda Stefanish was hosting a jewelry party at her Hermitage home to raise money for Animal Pawtectors, an animal rescue group in Cortland, when a four-point buck came crashing through the front door. Hermitage Police Chief Eric Jewell said officers ... and more

25 October, 2016

Tulsa World Jewelry by Cork, one of a kind designs Tulsa World Jewelry by Cork, one of a kind designs. Story