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The Apple Watch May Solve the Usual Smart Watch Annoyances MIT Technology Review While other smart watches I've tried and spied have been mostly clunky, finicky, ugly, and, frankly, not all that smart (see “So Far Smart Watches Are Pretty Dumb”), Apple's just-announced Apple Watch looks stylish, thoughtfully designed, extremely ...

Businessweek Late to watches, Apple set its own a minute early Quartz In making a watch, Apple enters the rare industry that can match its own obsession over detail. That was immediately clear in the time Apple chose to display on the device: nine minutes past 10 o'clock. The subtle implication: Apple is ahead of its ... Here Comes Apple's Watch. Should Watchmakers Be Worried?Businessweek The Apple Watch: What the analysts are sayingFortune Time for watches to get smartToledo Blade MIT Technology Review -Forbes -ExtremeTech all 10,155 news articles

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01 October, 2014

Review: ANNABELLE Is Worse Than Being Given An Antique Doll As A Gift Twitch For reasons never explained, Mia Gordon (Annabelle Wallis) has a thing for hideous antique dolls, and so in preparation for the birth of their first child, her husband and newly qualified doctor John (Ward Horton) buys her one. It's ugly as sin, but ... and more

01 October, 2014

Jewelry and electronics stolen in Ransomville break-in Buffalo News Three residents said the burglars made off with a variety of diamond jewelry, both a 48-inch and a 55-inch television, a gold necklace, a charm bracelet, a ladies watch, two Raptor remote control helicopters, a PlayStation game system and three games ...

01 October, 2014

CBS Local Kmart Robbery Suspect Shot Outside Store After Taking Jewelry CBS Local “He used a screwdriver to pop locks off of the jewelry boxes, and then therefore take out obviously many, many pieces of jewelry,” Schellman said. “If their estimates are close to $30 to 40,000, you can imagine how much he got out with.” Police chased ... Suspect in Kmart jewelry theft shot during struggle with police; officer Suspect grazed in officer-involved shooting at South County all 12 news articles